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How 40 Days Of Juicing Will Make You Feel

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Detoxes and cleanses are popular but few people realize the healing potential of a 40 day extended juice fast. There are many fears and misconceptions about this type of extended juice fast, but it can work healing miracles when done right.

Learn from a juice fasting coach and expert exactly what your body is going to feel on a 40 day juice fast. This video will help you know what to expect, what it going to be like, and how to best prepare.

0:00 Intro
3:40 1. Mental Clarity
4:33 2. Weight Loss
5:21 3. Emotional Clearing
6:08 4. Increased Hydration
7:13 5. Reduced Cravings
8:13 6. Heightened Taste and Smell
9:06 7. Improved Digestion and Transit Time
10:22 8. Overall Wellbeing and Rejuvenation
10:44 Get Support
13:57 Summary

Work With Me:
Raw Vegan Mentor
Mindset Coach
Intuitive Detox Specialist

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